Our story

The story of De Filippi tiles began in 1929, when two brothers, Antonio and Gaetano De Filippi started crafting their first cement tiles.

They grew up as mosaic makers at well-known companies like Prinaro, Peluso and Ingrosso, then they decided to create their own company. The first factory was established in Lecce with 15 employees.

The economic growth, the careful administration and the high quality of products signed De Filippi, allowed the De Filippi brothers to build a new and larger factory, in via Presta, Lecce, where they had 35 employees.

Soon, the sons of Antonio De Filippi started working in the company: Concetta, Ugo and Osvaldo, who after a couple of years decided to try different paths for their lives.

Ugo De Filippi, designing floors, discovered his talent and passion for the art and he became an estimated painter.

Ugo started its company, Ima Pavimenti, back in 1958, building its first factory in via Imbriani and moving afterwards in the Industrial Area of Lecce, with new offices and factories.

At the end of '70s, Ugo reintroduced the decoration tiles production technique, producing tiles in different sizes 40x40, 25x25 and 20x20 cm, with a new industrialized method that increased and optimized the quantity and the quality of tiles produced.

Osvaldo De Filippi left his father factory to open his artisan lab in Surbo (LE), building his first tile on June 13, 1965.

During 1965, Osvaldo opened his brand new office and factory in Via Francesco Marzano, in the Industrial Area of Lecce, where the current company has still its offices.

Osvaldo specialized in the production of outdoor flooring, introducing the exagonal format, the 25x50cm and the innovative "butterfly" 33x40 cm.

Shortly he started producing washed, washed drawed and smoother outdoor tiles. The new products allowed the company to become a leader in the outdoor flooring market.

At the end of the '80s, Osvaldo, with the help of the sons Enrico and Fabio, started again to produce decorated marble grits and cement tiles.

During 2003, at Ugo's death, Ima Pavimenti ceased its activities and the heirs donated company's moulds and assets to the Osvaldo De Filippi factory.

Together with Ima Pavimenti moulds, the Osvaldo's company inherited also the production lines of the father Antonio De Filippi.

In 2006, upon Osvaldo's death, Enrico and Fabio took over their father's company, and they manage it with the same passion and love for the tiles, with one founding idea: "Producing every tile as it was for their home".

In 2007, Fabbrica di Mattoni Osvaldo De Filippi took over all the assets, moulds, design of the famous company Astoricchio & Figlio.

In 2014 the company acquired technologies and machinery of Venix, a leading firm in the "venetian flooring" production.

Today, the company's production includes the know-how and designs of five firms and companies.

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