Venetian Style Tiles

Tiles producer De Filippi launches a brand new line of marble grits tiles, venetian style, in the format 60 x 60 x 2 cm.

De Filippi acquired in 2014, production assets and designs of a well-known italian tiles producer, adding to its product catalog of marble grits, a new large size series of tiles.

For this brand new line of marble grits, De Filippi retrieved some antique designs and created a series of new decorations and colors for wide monolithic surfaces.

60 x 60 marble grits tiles are specifically designed and created to be placed with zero joint, to appear as only one big slab, without interruption.

Venetian Styles tiles are built through an exclusive mould production process, using high quality materials and glass and marble inserts.

During the final treatment, after polishing, the flax oil fills the porosity of the materials and make the tiles waterproof and stain resistant, moreover it ensures a uniform color to the floor.

Available type of tiles




Marble aggregate



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